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Hyderabad toddler killed by automobile after being struck while napping in a parking lot

According to the police, a three-year-old girl was inadvertently driven over by a vehicle and crushed to death on Wednesday night in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Hayathnagar, a suburb outside of Hyderabad.
Kodli Kavitha, the girl, was resting in a corner of the parking lot of the Balaji Arcade flats in Lecturers' Colony when Hari Ramakrishna, the driver of an SUV, ran over her while trying to park it. The girl passed away instantly.
On Thursday, a video clip taken from a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) that showed the horrifying occurrence of a vehicle running over a sleeping child went popular on social media.
The victim's parents, K Raju and Kavitha, were working as construction workers in Kalburgi, Karnataka, on a structure next to the Balaji Arcade apartment, according to Hayathnagar Inspector of Police H Venkateshwarlu. He claimed that since it was rather hot outdoors, Kavitha took her kid inside and placed her to sleep in the parking lot's shade.
After some time, Ramakrishna left for home and immediately parked the car there without seeing the girl dozing off in a nearby corner. The inspector said that when the driver drove over the sleeping child, she was instantly crushed to death.
Mother of two Kavitha revealed to the media that she had placed her daughter to sleep in the neighbouring apartment's shadow since it was too hot outdoors due to the heat.
“I instructed the watchman's family to look after my daughter. In fact, I personally walked inside the flat twice to make sure my kid wasn't being bothered. The catastrophe, however, took place in a matter of seconds, she said.
According to Kavitha, the child was taken by the automobile owner right away to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.
Interior designer Ramakrishna's spouse works as a sub-inspector in the Prohibition and Excise division.
The inspector said, “We have filed a complaint under Section 304-A (causing death by carelessness) against Ramakrishna and are looking into the matter.

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