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"Sachin Pilot has not issued a party with an ultimatum." Harish Chaudhary is a congressman

Harish Chaudhary, a Congress MLA and state leader for Punjab, said on Wednesday that Sachin Pilot had not given the party an ultimatum but rather wanted to engage with the party and preferred to create a bridge between the people and the state administration.
“Sachin Pilot has not issued the party with any ultimatums, but he has made an effort to contact the government. Any time a leader speaks with the government or anybody else, their concerns should be addressed and dealt with fairly. I have faith in the administration to find a solution,” Chaudhary remarked. His comments are in response to Sachin Pilot, a former deputy chief minister of Rajasthan and current head of the Congress, who gave the Rajasthan administration of his own party till today to look into the alleged paper leak scandal.
He forewarned the Gehlot administration that if his demands were not granted by the end of the month, he would start a state-wide uprising.
In response to a question on the paper leak case in the state, Harish Chaudhary said that he always took a very strong stance in favor of the idea that there should never be any injustice done to the students, both within and outside of the assembly.
“There should be no injustice done to Rajasthani youngsters. At the moment, unemployment is the largest issue in the nation. We should speak out against him, Chaudhary remarked.
Additionally, Chaudhary supported the Rajasthan Public Service Commission's (RPSC) decision to hire academics. Additionally, Chowdhary said that the Congress party and the government of Rajasthan have zero tolerance for corruption and that anybody found to be complicit in it would face consequences.

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