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WFI will call an EC meeting on January 16 and contest its suspension the following week

<p>The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), in a show of defiance, has called for an Executive Committee meeting here on January 16 to consider the future steps and plans to contest its suspension by the Sports Ministry in court next week.</p>
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<p>Three days after the Federation had its election, on December 24, the government suspended the newly-elected board, citing violations of the WFI constitution and the National Sports Code.</p>
<p>The IOA established an ad hoc commission to oversee the day-to-day operations of the sport, but the WFI has insisted that it neither recognizes nor acknowledges the suspension.</p>
<p>“An properly operating Federation is necessary. Next week, we will be bringing the case to court. We are not in favor of this suspension since we were chosen democratically. Additionally, we have scheduled a meeting of the Executive Committee on January 16,” WFI President Sanjay Singh informed PTI.</p>
<p>The Varanasi-born Singh reasoned that the ad hoc panel lacked the necessary resources to produce results when it mattered most.</p>
<p>“You’ve seen how the Zagreb Open squad was revealed. We won’t have representation in five weight divisions. This will take place if there isn’t a suitable Federation. Why weren’t substitute wrestlers sought out if certain wrestlers were unavailable in their respective categories?</p>
<p>“We never allowed India to be underrepresented in any weight category at a competition while the organization was in existence. Furthermore, why was the same squad that participated in the Asian Games chosen? There are further competitors.</p>
<p>I have received calls from wrestlers who believe they should be on the Indian squad. They said that if they had been given an equal opportunity to establish themselves via tryouts, they could have made the squad. That’s the reason a well-functioning federation is necessary,” he said.</p>
<p>In the meanwhile, the notification for the Executive Committee was sent out on December 31, according to a WFI source.</p>
<p>“Explain define and interpret certain provisions of the constitution” is one of the items on the agenda that has been distributed.</p>
<p>Citing the constitution, the circular made it very clear that the President “shall be chief officer of the WFI.” If he thinks it appropriate, he will have the authority to convene sessions of the executive and council.</p>
<p>It should be noted that the ministry had voiced objections to the secretary general’s absence from the WFI General Council meeting on December 21.</p>
<p>The WFI had insisted that it had not broken any laws and that the President was legally empowered to make decisions, with the Secretary General being obligated to carry them out.</p>
<p>A source said, “We will talk about hosting the National Championships in various age groups as well as the creation of the ad hoc panel.”</p>
<p>It’s interesting to note that the ad hoc panel has already declared that it would hold the age group championships in Gwalior within the next six weeks, and the senior Nationals in Jaipur starting on February 3.</p>
<p>The primary participants in the sport, the wrestlers, have still to decide whether they would participate in WFI-organized competitions or those run by the ad hoc committee.</p>

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