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Makar Sankranti Box Office Conflict Forces These Movies’ Telugu State Release

<p>On January 15, people will celebrate Pongal and Makar Sankranti, the festivals that herald the start of the harvest season. A number of films are released in theaters to heighten the festivities in India. Three big Tamil movies are scheduled to premiere this year during Pongal: Captain Miller, Ayalaan, and Mission: Chapter 1. However, Telugu films like Guntur Kaaram, Naa Sami Ranga, Saindhav, and HanuMan will be released on Makar Sankranti. Tamil movie releases in Telugu states are being delayed because theater owners in these areas are giving priority to local releases due to the busy weekend.</p>
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<p>In Telugu states, it is anticipated that Captain Miller and Ayalaan will be released later than planned. This unpredictability can affect how well they do at the box office in nearby states.</p>
<p>However, fans are getting excited about the film battle between Dhanush and Sivakarthikeyan since both are getting ready for a big release in various regions. While Arun Vijay’s Mission: Chapter 1 is scheduled to be published only in Tamil, Captain Miller and Ayalaan will be released concurrently in several languages. The three films are now undergoing marketing, which promises moviegoers an unforgettable cinematic experience spanning many genres.</p>
<p>The producers of Eagle, starring Ravi Teja, have chosen to delay the film’s release due to the busy Sankranti calendar that includes many highly anticipated releases. This action is meant to prevent a conflict with Guntur Kaaram, directed by Mahesh Babu, and other upcoming projects. On January 5, Ravi Teja updated fans and moviegoers with a new poster on Instagram with the revised release date.</p>
<p>“Taking a step back for the welfare of our Telugu Cinema,” wrote Ravi Teja on X. little variation in arrival that does not affect the shot or objective. Beginning on February 9, 2024, #EAGLE:))) I wish every movie that opens this Sankranthi the best of luck.</p>
<p>The film producers met in reaction to the Sankranti altercation and came to a consensus. The media was informed by producer Dil Raju that Eagle would now be released on February 9 as a standalone project. The Tillu Square team, who were also supposed to meet on the same day, has agreed to reschedule after consulting with us. We are going to talk about this with the Yatra 2 team and ask them to think about delaying. The improvement of the Telugu cinema industry is the goal of this group endeavor.</p>

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