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November saw the banning of over 71 lakh accounts in India due to violations of WhatsApp policy

<p>In November of last year, WhatsApp blocked over 71 lakh accounts in India, the business said in its most recent monthly report. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, said that it has “proactively” banned nearly 19 lakh accounts in India. This indicates that the firm took action against these accounts before to receiving any accusations from users alleging policy breaches. According to the company’s report, WhatsApp also addressed a small number of the more than 8,000 complaints that it received from consumers during the same month.</p>
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<p>WhatsApp reports that it banned 71,96,000 accounts between November 1 and November 30 of last year in accordance with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules (2021) in its most recent monthly report. According to the messaging platform, these were accounts that were registered using a phone number that had the international prefix +91.</p>
<p>According to WhatsApp, it proactively removed 19,54,000 of the more than 71 lakh accounts in November of last year; users were not required to report these accounts for breaking the company’s rules. In addition to enabling users to report accounts, WhatsApp has in-built abuse detection technologies that may proactively identify policy infractions.</p>
<p>Users may file complaints with WhatsApp by emailing or by mailing a letter to the India Grievance Officer, in accordance with current rules. Account support, feature assistance, feedback, refused requests pertaining to banned accounts, or accounts that did not breach the terms of service of the business or Indian laws are all covered, according to the corporation.</p>
<p>WhatsApp claimed that it responded on six requests—one pertaining to ban appeals and the others to various support inquiries—that were submitted as complaints by the company’s Grievance Officer in order to comply with the IT Rules (2021). The corporation got 8,841 complaints in November 2023, and in the same month, it complied with 8 rulings issued by the Grievance Appellate Committee.</p>

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